We are pleased to announce that we are continuing with two online support offerings in 2023.

Our Kitsap Brain Injury Support Group and the new TBI Koffee Klatch

Our Kitsap Brain Injury Support Group loosely follow Janice’s in-person support group format. A meeting topic will be distributed before the meeting giving everyone ample time to familiarize themselves with the material.

The TBI Koffee Klatch are small Zoom gatherings to check in with other survivors, caregivers and family, share experiences and chat over a morning beverage.

Our Kitsap Brain Injury Support Group

Responding to our new reality we are offering online support groups to our members.

2nd Thursday of each month 3:00-4:30

Jan 12, Feb 9, Mar 9, Apr 13, May 11, Jun 8, Jul 13, Aug 10, Sep 14, Oct 12, Nov 9, Dec 14

A meeting request must be made for each meeting

Instructions Add to calendar

TBI Koffee Klatch

The Koffee Klatch is just another way to connect with others living with brain change

Zoom meetings every Monday at 10 AM

Register for the Klatch by using the contact us page or button and inform us that you would like to attend the TBI Koffee Klatch

Zoom invitations are sent the Sunday before the meeting


Step One - Get online Access

Need internet access?

With the roll out of our support groups being conducted online we need to ensure our brain injury survivors have access to the internet in their home. Here are the two main companies in our area that offer internet access at reduced rates. The primary eligibility requirement is that the applicants use for public assistance programs.

You can choose either Comcast for cable internet OR Centurylink for DSL internet. They both cost around $10/month.


Step Two - Download Zoom

Zoom is a free download from its website and is available for andriods, Apples, and PC's.


Download and install Zoom

Get Zoom


Step Three - Let us know which meeting you would like to attend

You can either use the Contact us page or use the email enclosed in the monthly meeting announcement

Contact Us


Step Four - Click the link

We will send you an invitation link for the meeting you requested. Click the link in the email to attend the meeting