Funding and Expense Quarterlies

We value all our donors and want them to feel confident that we are usage their support approprately.

As responsible stewards of support we receive we created a quarterly financial reporting page.

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Annual support- Funding

For year 2024, we gained support from Kitsap Counties 1/10 of 1% Grant, Virginia Mason Fransican medicines Common Spirit Grant, and The Suquamish Foundation's Appendix X Grant

The total support is $21,050

Thank you, your support is vital to our operations.

First Quarter Wellness Survey Results

Annual Funding Pie Chart

2024 First Quarter Expenses

In the first quarter of 2024 our expenses were for Facilitators, QuickBooks-Live Bookkeeping, Insurance, Shipping/Postage, Mailers, Survey Items

  • This quarter successfully conducted a total of 11 meetings and helped 269 brain injury survivors.
  • Began the first ever Quality of Life after brain injury survey in Kitsap, Jefferson, and Clallam Counties
  • We also started our "Meet Survivors Where They Are" mailer campaign

Total first quarter expenses was $4478.69

First Quarter Wellness Survey Results

First Quarter Expenses